Ollie Pope: Zak Crawley is capable of a run-a-ball Ashes 100

Ollie Pope: Zak Crawley is capable of a run-a-ball Ashes hundred

Vice-captain encourages a teammate to flash some flair at some time in the upcoming series.

Zak Crawley, ollie pope, ashe series, south africa
At The Oval last summer, England defeated South Africa in record time thanks to a quick half-century from Zak Crawley.

Vice-Captain Ollie Pope Urges Zak Crawley to Showcase Flair in Upcoming Ashes Series

Zak Crawley has the support of Ollie Pope, who thinks the England opener can score a run-a-ball hundred against Australia’s renowned assault.

Despite their continued support for the 25-year-old, Stokes and head coach Brendon McCullum argue that evaluating him only on performance is unfair. Crawley was encouraged to keep playing his way at the top of the order by McCullum, who said that Crawley’s skill set “is not to be a consistent cricketer” after an evil spell last summer.

And last week at Lord’s, when Ireland needed to score 11 runs in the fourth innings, Stuart Broad recalled that during the innings break, there had been conversation about the prospect of Crawley winning the match with back-to-back sixes. In those ten minutes, he claimed, “the topic of conversation was, ‘Can you do it two balls?'” Don’t take four overs, and don’t be concerned about being out. Crawley finished off the pursuit by hitting three fours in a row.

Pope shares these thoughts. The Ashes and the bowlers England will face giving Pope an ideal chance for the Kent batter to demonstrate just how high his potential truly is, despite the vice-captain’s admission that Crawley has yet to be satisfied with his results thus far.

zak crawley, ashe series, ollie pope. south africa
“he’s got the ability to do that against Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood, Scott Boland, Nathan Lyon – these guys,” said Pope.

“The player that Zak is, he could have a tough first game, have a tough first inning of a second game, and then go and blast a hundred off of a hundred because he’s got the ability to do that against Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood, Scott Boland, Nathan Lyon – these guys,” said Pope. The exciting thing about Zak as a player is that you know he can seize the game and, during a session, establish the pace or break the back of a run-chase.

We have an open conversation about it, and he won’t mind my mentioning that there have been occasions when he has yet to score as many runs as he would have liked. However, there have also been instances when he has played underhanded blows. He has amassed three hundred (in his career), but he has also taken a lot of significant impacts at the top.

Pope mentions Crawley’s underappreciated contributions from last year’s defeats of South Africa and India as examples. The former was 46 at Edgbaston and included Alex Lees in an opening partnership of 107, which served as a springboard for a chase of 378. Following centuries from Ben Foakes and Ben Stokes, a first-innings score of 415 for 9 was declared in the second Test against South Africa, which England turned into an innings victory to tie the series at Old Trafford.

Additionally, Crawley’s 77 at the Sydney Cricket Ground, his lone notable total against Australia, is included. Coaches and teammates think that this performance—against Cummins, Starc, Boland, and Green—showcases Crawley’s range of skills better than the 267 against Pakistan in 2020. On that inning, Pope remarked, “He’s a player who can handle 90 mph bowling at his head.”

Ollie pope, zak crawley, ashe series
Zak Pope is a terrific person and popular in the locker room.

With the repeated criticism of his choice, Crawley is obviously at his wits’ end. Last month, he said that he did not like how “the average punter” saw his position on social media. With more people paying attention to the Ashes, that din will only get louder.

Pope expressed sympathy for his teammate’s predicament and believes the five games against Australia shouldn’t be given more attention than necessary over the next six weeks, for the rest of an England team hoping to win the urn for the first time since 2015, not just for Crawley.

First of all, according to Pope, Zak is a great guy who is well-liked in the locker room. As a result of the statistics, there is a lot of media coverage. There was a lot of conversation. There may be a perception that to get the England opening place, you need to bat like this and average 40, coming in after someone like Alastair Cook and how he played – what a legend of the game he is, averaging 40-plus.

There is pressure on us all going into this series because we are playing one of the best teams in the world in our home conditions, so we are desperate for everyone to do well. But at the same time, if it doesn’t go according to plan, what we’ve done as a team in the last year and a half for nobody is a make-or-break series.

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