Pakistan’s Foreign Office Scrutinizes Team’s Involvement in ODI World Cup Amidst Ongoing Tensions.

odi world cup, t20 world cup

A Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman stated, “We will provide our views to PCB in due course.”

odi world cup, t20 world cup
Pakistan’s Foreign Office Assesses Team’s Involvement in ODI World Cup Amidst Ongoing Tensions

Evaluating Pakistan’s Participation in the ODI World Cup

The 2018 ODI World Cup in India is something that Pakistan’s foreign ministry has said it is reviewing in all respects. It is the first time the Pakistani government has made a public statement about addressing a problem that has been ongoing for some time and even prevented the International Cricket Council from publishing the tournament’s schedule.

The Pakistani government must approve Pakistan’s participation in the World Cup. Following the distribution of a draught schedule to all participating nations a few days ago, the PCB had written to the ICC to emphasise that they could not unilaterally accept the fixture list and that the decision would finally need to come from their government.

Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, a spokesperson for the Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said in a weekly media briefing in Islamabad, “We have received the official invitation from the Indian prime minister to our prime minister for the virtual meeting of the heads of state of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation that is due to take place on the 4th of July.” At the summit, Pakistan will be represented. In the upcoming days, we will make a statement about our involvement.

Pakistan believes that politics and sports should not be intertwined with cricket. Sadly, India refuses to play cricket in Pakistan. We are monitoring and assessing every area of our World Cup participation, including the safety of Pakistani cricket players, and we will provide the PCB with our opinions as soon as possible.

odi world cup, t20 world cup
Now set to start on October 5, 2023 World Cup will be much awaited.

The eagerly anticipated 2023 World Cup will now officially begin on October 5. The top cricket teams in the world will compete for the coveted crown in this much-awaited tournament. One of the most anticipated matches in the competition is India’s match against Ahmedabad days after the round. The game, which is notorious for its intense atmosphere on and off the pitch, is highly anticipated by fans in both countries. Along with Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, and Chennai, Abad was among the five locations selected for Pakistan during the league phase. The 2022 World Cup looks to be a cricketing spectacle with so many thrilling matches and teams.

Since the 2016 T20 World Cup, Pakistan has not toured India due to tense political ties between the two nations, and even then, Pakistan’s visit to India remained questionable. Without an explicit and public guarantee from the Indian government about the security of its players, the PCB has threatened to withdraw from the competition. Due to these discussions, the match between India and Pakistan ultimately had to be moved from Dharamsala to Kolkata.

Based on an internal evaluation of the sites they are scheduled to play in, the PCB has asked the ICC to switch locations for two league matches during the 2023 ODI World Cup. Pakistan has sought a revision to play Australia in Chennai and Afghanistan in Bengaluru instead of the existing schedule, which has Australia playing in Bengaluru on October 20 and Afghanistan playing in Chennai on October 23. The appeal has been denied. At an ICC tournament, security concerns are typically the main factor in venue changes. The PCB’s internal review made no mention of a security risk.

Both teams and spectators are concerned about the hold-up in the distribution of the World Cup schedules. It is not unexpected that nations are anxious to discover their plans for the tournament, as The World is one of the most anticipated tournaments in the cricket calendar. However, other countries, like Pakistan, wonder how the itinerary’s unusual delay would impact their participation.

The ICC has guaranteed that the fixture list will be finalised and made public as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Pakistan has been given a chance to voice any reservations before the itinerary list is made public the following week. A clear understanding of their schedule is crucial for the Pakistan cricket team’s supporters, who anxiously watch how their side performs in this competition. Despite the delay, there is still reason to be positive and enthusiastic about the 2017 World Cup because the ICC said the schedule would be issued soon.

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