Balbirnie His Vision: Adapting to the Changing Dynamics of Irish Cricket


The Ireland captain appreciates Josh Little’s contribution to his nation by participating in the IPL.

Balbirnie: Ireland needs to adapt to the franchise economy

Balbirnie Defends Josh Little’s IPL Commitment Amidst Criticism

According to their captain, Andrew Balbirnie, Josh Little’s performance in the IPL final on Monday night in front of more than 100,000 Indian fans will be just as crucial to the growth of cricket in Ireland as the Test team’s opportunity to play at Lord’s.

Speaking at Lord’s on the eve of his team’s one-off match against England, Balbirnie acknowledged the enormity of the challenge facing Ireland this week. This challenge includes defeating a team that has won 10 of its last 12 Test matches dramatically and putting aside crucial Zimbabwe will host World Cup qualifying matches later in June.

Little will be back with the Ireland side for that 10-team tournament, including two previous World Cup champions in Sri Lanka and the West Indies. He is taking a break after coming in second place with Gujarat Titans in an intense IPL final that went into the wee hours of Tuesday morning in Ahmedabad.

Little’s absence has drawn criticism, particularly from Ireland’s performance director, Richard Holdsworth. However, Balbirnie maintains that his star bowler is still contributing to the internationalisation of Irish cricket and that, given the trajectory of the game’s development, it might be soon that more of his top players are in demand elsewhere on the franchise circuit.

“That is something that happens above me, and I’ve got to support what’s best for Josh,” Balbirnie added. Is he someone I want on my team? I do, of course. In the white-ball format, he is a masterful bowler. On the most powerful platform, we have witnessed that.

Josh, Josh, Josh. While we are on the pitch, we want to promote Irish cricket as much as possible, but he is also doing that through his accomplishments on the international scene. The growth of players rising through the ranks and Irish cricket benefit greatly from what he is doing now. I’m sure he does [aspire to play Test cricket], but I am also aware of his hectic schedule and the demands the IPL places on him. He doesn’t want me to ask him whether he wants 12 overs at Lord’s the following week after a game in front of 100,000 spectators. You must respect his privacy and ensure that he is in sound condition.

In his debut IPL season, Josh Little performed admirably for Gujarat Titans

Little, who missed a fortnight in early May to participate in Ireland’s ODI series against Bangladesh, concluded his first IPL season with seven wickets in 10 games, and he forced his way back into the starting lineup for the play-offs and final.

Although he hasn’t yet participated in a Test match, Balbirnie continued, “We know he’s pretty adaptable and has had a busy schedule.” “I completely understand that he needs to concentrate on getting some rest and preparing for our World Cup Qualifier, which we leave for next week.”

However, as Balbirnie acknowledged, success on the international stage — whether it be through qualification for the 50- and 20-over World Cups or through individual accomplishments at Lord’s this week — may well come with spin-off benefits for the players involved, even if it’s not entirely in the interests of Ireland’s international ambitions.

Invoking Lorcan Tucker, who signed a contract with MI Emirates in the ILT20 last winter and missed a T20I tour of Zimbabwe due to it, Balbirnie acknowledged that further raids on Ireland’s playing pool would be a “knock-on effect of playing good cricket” and that they would consider therefore considerations that should be made in the team’s long-term development.

“The T20 World Cup opened a few doors for people. Lorcan participated in the ILT20 at the beginning of the year and won over many admirers. I can’t be concerned about it since we’re playing to amuse people and advertise our game. It will have the knock-on effect of exposing these players to [franchise] leagues. Who can predict what will occur over the next few years? We need to develop a player base in our nation so that, if this does happen and certain individuals miss specific Irish games, we can ensure that the calibre of the team is maintained when we add a player.

We don’t have the numbers that England, Australia, or India do, and we never will in my career. However, given our limited number of participants, we must ensure that everyone understands what we are attempting to accomplish. I’m not dumb; Josh participated in an IPL final in his first IPL outing. He will get picked up by other leagues, and this circumstance will recur, but he still wants to represent Ireland. He still adores competing on this squad, according to our conversation.

However, he has opportunities, and others will as well. We must ensure everybody joining our organisation is prepared and up to speed.

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